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Los Angeles Church Planting Movement

God has been growing New City since our launch in 2008, and we are becoming a vibrant, inclusive, gospel-centered community here in downtown LA. But our vision is not just for downtown. We want to spur a church planting movement in Los Angeles. There are about 119 neighborhoods in LA, averaging about 50,000 people.  Imagine what would happen in LA–and through LA, the world–if we planted more gospel-driven church in every one of these neighborhoods!

How do we do this?  By creating an interdenominational church planting network in partnership with Stadia, a non-denominational church planting organization.

God has blessed this vision. We have put together about 39 churches of various different denominations (Presbyterian, Foursquare, Congregational, non-denominational, etc.) so far that are committed to this vision and are willing to fund the church plants.

We are calling it the Los Angeles Church Planting Movement (LA CPM).

Stadia has committed to put in $60,000 per every church plant with LA CPM.

We believe we are just getting started. We are talking to more churches, foundations, and individuals. If you know of a church that might be interested, please let us know.

For more information on the Los Angeles Church Planting Movement, go to

If you are wondering why we should plant churches, click HERE for an article that explains why.