FAQs re Suggested Donation for Parking Validation

What is the suggested donation for parking validation?

The suggested donation is $2-$5 per validation (for newcomers, it is $0). Our cost is $5 ($29,000 annually).

Why are you asking us to donate for parking validation?

The Leadership Team decided to ask for a donation for parking validation in an effort to offset about $29,000 annually that the church spends on parking validations.

Do I HAVE to pay in order to get a parking validation?

No.  It is a voluntary donation.  Please do not feel obligated to donate.  To get a validation, just say, “may I get a validation?”  That’s it.  This is merely an opportunity for those who want to donate.

Can I make a donation for parking validation online instead of making a cash donation every Sunday?

Yes.  You can go to our website and click GIVE and make a donation online.  When you give, select “Donation for Parking Validation.”  When you pick up the parking validation, you can indicate, if you want, that you donated or will donate towards validation online.

How about Newcomers?

We are NOT asking newcomers to donate.   This suggested donation is for the people who call New City their home.

Does this apply to parking validation during weekdays for office visits?

Yes.  This applies to parking validation for gatherings in the church office.  There is a donation box in the office with the parking validations.

Can I buy more than one parking validation?

Because this is intended exclusively for church use, we offer one validation at a time on Sundays.

Does this suggested donation apply to volunteers?