Looking for a Summer Enrichment Experience?

New City “U” (University) is a summer series of seminars open to all. This summer there are two tracks:

  1. Imago Groups, which explore culture, race, and identity
  2. Teaching Seminars, where New City members share from their fields of expertise

More Information on Imago Groups (Sundays @ 1:30pm in the Church Office)

Every other summer, New City offers the Mosaic Project, where church members are placed in intentionally diverse groups and share their life stories and get to know one another’s back stories in order to help us learn to love another better.  The next Mosiac Project will be next summer.

This summer, however, we’re going to offer something called “Imago” groups. Imago Dei is a Greek phrase that captures how we are all made in the image of God.  

While the focus of the Mosaic Group was learning from people who were different than us, the focus of the Imago Group is to learn from people who share our cultural/racial/ethnic identies and allow one another to challenge our own implicit biases and role in social injustice.  We will have four Imago Groups, one for each major racial/ethnic group: Asians, Whites, Latinx and Blacks.  

The reason we are going to be in a group based on our racial/ethnic group is twofold: (1) We want to create space for examining our own cultural, racial and ethnic identities.  (2) We want to create space where we can be challenged to look into our own prejudices, implict biases, and role in social justice/injustice.  

Because this is the first time we’re doing something like this, we’re going to start small.  We will only have four groups and each will be capped at 10.  

The groups will run at the church office on Sunday at 1:30pm for 6 weeks, starting on July 16 and ending on August 20. And again, we’d like to ask that those who participate be available for at least 4 of the 6 sessions. This is a pilot program to see if this kind of group helps the church become more loving across racial, cultural and ethnic boundaries.

All New City U seminars will be held in the church offices (453 S. Spring St., Basement suite) starting at 1:30 PM from July 16th through August 20th. You can sign up in the lobby on Sunday or below.