Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John & the Praying Imagination

by Eugene Peterson

This is a highly accessible and thoughtful commentary on the book of Revelation. Peterson is a contemplative pastor and it shows through in his writing. We highly recommend this book!





Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness, Following the Lamb Into New Creation

by Michael J. Gorman

This is a scholarly yet accessible commentary on the book of Revelation. While instructing readers on how apply biblical hermeneutics to the book of Revelation, Gorman takes on Left Behind eschatology and refutes it. Highly recommended.




Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation

by Darrell W. Johnson

This is a great set of sermons, converted into readable chapters, on the book of Revelation. Johnson’s approach is both scholarly and pastoral. Highly recommended.





Revelation For Everyone

by N. T. Wright

This is hands down the most readable and yet deeply theological commentary on Revelation available today. Wright is the world’s foremost New Testament scholar and yet writes with the heart of a pastor. This is a must read!




The Theology of the Book of Revelation

by Richard Bauckham

This work is highly scholarly and insightful. Bauckham is one of the world’s leading scholars on the book of Revelation and this book is one of the most widely cited by other commentators. Recommended for theology nerds.




Can I Get a Witness? Reading Revelation through African American Culture

by Brian K. Blount

This book is a ground-breaking take on Revelation. Matched only by his keen insight into the Text of Scripture, Blount is highly skilled at demonstrating the cultural relevance of Revelation for Christians in the United States today.





Unholy Allegiances: Heeding Revelation’s Warning

by David A. DeSilva

This is a highly accessible and yet very scholarly book on Revelation. DeSilva helps readers understand the historical and cultural context of Revelation better than most commentators. He has also created lecture videos on some of the churches of Asia Minor that can be viewed at no cost: EphesusPergamum





Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

by Philip Yancy

This is highly recommended if you want to dig into the question of “Does Prayer Really Matter?”






Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God

by Tim Keller

A good general book on prayer.







Present Perfect: Finding God in the Now

by Greg Boyd

This is a great introduction to “practicing the presence of God.”







The Practice of the Presence of God

by Brother Lawrence

A classic book on “practicing the presence of God” by Brother Lawrence.







Seeing is Believing: Experiencing Jesus Through Imaginative Prayer

by Greg Boyd

This is a great book to explore the practice of contemplating Jesus through imaginative prayer.







Water to Wine: Some of My Story

by Brian Zahnd

This book has a fantastic chapter on formative prayer called “Jerusalem Bells.”







Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals

by Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, and Enuma Okoro

A great book for formative prayers (“Potter’s Wheel Prayer”).







Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel

by E. Wilder, Anna Kang, John Loppnow, and Sungshim Loppnow

This is a great book to learn more about imaginative prayer and “Immanuel Journaling”.






Armchair Mystic: Easing into Contemplative Prayer

by Mark E. Thibodeaux

A great introduction to contemplative prayer.






Answering God: The Psalms As Tools For Prayer

by Eugene H. Peterson

A great book on how the Psalms teach us to pray.





Dark Night of the Soul

by St. John of the Cross

A great book on how God sometimes uses our spiritual dryness to call us closer to himself.





Is God to Blame?

by Greg Boyd

One of the best and most accessible books on the problem of evil. This book has a wonderful chapter on seemingly unanswered prayer.