Book: Jeremiah

Jeremiah: Prophet to God's People in Crisis Series

Jeremiah was a prophet to God’s people during Israel’s greatest crisis. What God said through him is very relevant to the church now as we face crisis in in our lives, church, and country.

Date Title Speaker
Mar 26 2017There’s No Place Like Home (Jeremiah 29:1-14)
Mar 19 2017The Inner Life of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 20:7-9 & 17:13-18)
Mar 12 2017The Potter’s House (Jeremiah 18:1-12)
Mar 5 2017Running with Horses (Jeremiah 12)
Feb 26 2017When a Band-Aid Just Won’t Do (Jeremiah 6.13-15, 8.4-12, 18-22)
Feb 19 2017Talismans and Slogans (Jeremiah 7.1-29)
Feb 12 2017The Foresaken Spouse (Jeremiah 2-3)
Feb 5 2017Called (Jeremiah 1)

A Prayer-FULL Life Series

Prayer is at the heart our faith. Prayer is conversation with God. If the center of our life is our relationship with God, then, conversation with God—prayer—has to be at the heart of our life. This series will be both theological and practical. The goal of this series is to lead us to experience a Prayer-FULL life, a broader, deeper, and consistent prayer life.

Date Title Speaker
Jan 24 2016Potter’s Wheel Prayer (Jeremiah 18:1-6)
Date Title Speaker
Aug 9 2015Discovering Alien Life (Hebrews 11:8-16)

Stand-alone Series

Sermons which are not a part of a series.

Date Title Speaker
Aug 2 2015Square Pegs (Jeremiah 29:4-13)
Date Title Speaker
Aug 21 2011Seek the Shalom of the City (Jeremiah 29:4-14)