February 5, 2017

Bible Text: Jeremiah 1 |


In the midst of the greatest crisis in Judah and Israel, God called Jeremiah to be his prophet. The call narrative is interesting because it does not start with Jeremiah. It starts with God. God knew Jeremiah even before he was in the womb. God sets him apart before he was born to join him the work that he is doing. And God appointed him, and in Hebrew, it literally says God “gave” him to be a prophet to the nations. In the same way, God’s call to us started even before we appeared on the scene. He has set us apart to be on his team to do his work of giving instead of just consuming. That’s the best life God is calling us to live.

But, just like Jeremiah, we can feel inadequate to join his team. There is a chasm between what we think we can do and what God calls us to do.

God responded to Jeremiah by promising him that he would empower him, be with him, and protect him. He gave Jeremiah two visions: an almond tree and a boiling pot. The first vision taught Jeremiah that God was with him and watching and would develop him and show him great beauty. The second vision taught Jeremiah how to deal with evil. He didn’t give up at the sight of evil. He knew that God could use even the work of evil men to do his work, as he did on the cross.

The more you see God’s beauty and that he is above evil, and the more you see the cross, the more you have the power to live out God’s call to the best life God has for you. God has already called you. He has known you, he has set you apart to join him in the work that he is doing, and that work is the work of giving yourself away. It is the work of love. It is the work that Jesus was engaged in and to which he is calling you.

Do you want to stay in the comfort of your nest or start to fly and give your life away, to live the best life God has for you?

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