Speaker: T. C. Moore

Jeremiah: Prophet to God's People in Crisis Series

Jeremiah was a prophet to God’s people during Israel’s greatest crisis. What God said through him is very relevant to the church now as we face crisis in in our lives, church, and country.

Date Title Speaker
Feb 19 2017Talismans and Slogans (Jeremiah 7.1-29)

Stand-alone Series

Sermons which are not a part of a series.

Date Title Speaker
Jan 1 2017Seasons (Psalm 8; Ecclesiastes 3.1-13)
Oct 23 2016The Stage That Divides Us (Luke 18.9-14)

Revelation: Unveiling Reality Series

Revelation was written to the churches that were being persecuted, to people who felt like God was not answering their prayers. It was written to tell them, and to tell us, that reality is more than what we see with our eyes. The word "Revelation" is Greek translation of the word, Apocalypse, which means unveiling. This book is about unveiling the unseen reality of not just the future, but also the present, SO THAT we can continue to be faithful to God even in midst of hardship, SO THAT we can overcome.

Date Title Speaker
Aug 28 2016The Blessing of Revelation (Revelation 22:6-21)
Jul 31 2016In Bed with Babylon, Part 2: Convicted Grace (Revelation 18)
Jul 24 2016In Bed with Babylon, Part 1: The City Gone Wrong (Revelation 17)
Jun 5 2016Seven Trumpets: Unveiling The Day Of The Lord (Revelation 8.1—9.21, 11.15—19)
May 8 2016Becoming What We Behold: The Transforming Power of Worship (Revelation 4)
Apr 10 2016Unveiling Faithfulness & Opposition (Revelation 2:8-17)

A Prayer-FULL Life Series

Prayer is at the heart our faith. Prayer is conversation with God. If the center of our life is our relationship with God, then, conversation with God—prayer—has to be at the heart of our life. This series will be both theological and practical. The goal of this series is to lead us to experience a Prayer-FULL life, a broader, deeper, and consistent prayer life.

Date Title Speaker
Mar 13 2016So You Wanna Whoop The Devil? (Various Passages)
Jan 24 2016Potter’s Wheel Prayer (Jeremiah 18:1-6)

Stand-alone Series

Sermons which are not a part of a series.

Date Title Speaker
Dec 27 2015Becoming Bearers of Light (Various Passages)

Great Expectation Series

We are looking at the prophets of the Old Testament who looked with Great Expectation to the coming of the Messiah. And these prophecies came true in the coming of Jesus on that Christmas day. So, as we wait for Christmas during this advent season, we want to dig into what the prophets said about the coming of the Messiah so that we can prepare for the coming, so that we can prepare for the coming of Jesus on Christmas.

Date Title Speaker
Nov 29 2015Advent & Lament (Isaiah 64)

The Third Way Series

The thesis of this series is that the gospel is the third way, beyond liberal and conservative. There are so many people who are turned off by the church. That breaks my heart, but I can’t blame them. What they see in the church is often disturbing. Many see liberal churches as inclusive but without spiritual vitality and many see conservative churches as spiritually zealous but judgmental and intolerant. They do not want to be a part of either kind of church. I think most people outside of the church feel this way. But, I know that they are still hungry for God. They are hungry for something more than “live, work and play.” Is there another way? This series contents that there is a third way of being a Christian and being the church: the gospel-centered way. I believe it is radically different than the liberal way or the conservative way. And this is at the heart of the vision of New City.

Date Title Speaker
Nov 1 2015A New Table And A New Temple (Luke 19:1-10, Ephesians 2:11-22)
Oct 11 2015Breathing Kingdom Air (Various Passages)
Date Title Speaker
Sep 6 2015The Rhythm of Resurrection (Hebrews 11:8-19)
Aug 9 2015Discovering Alien Life (Hebrews 11:8-16)
Jul 12 2015Living in Tents (Hebrews 11:8-16)
Jun 14 2015Belonging and Hope (Hebrews 11:8-16)
May 17 2015The Journey of Faith (Hebrews 11:8-19)