The Question of Morality: Is There Real Right and Wrong?

January 21, 2018

Bible Text: Luke 18:2-8 |


We all believe that some activities and attitudes are objectively right or objectively wrong, but what grounds our belief in objective right and wrong? This week's sermon made the case that the existence of a loving and good God is the surest foundation for belief in objective morality. Apart from a foundation in a loving and good God, there is little basis to ultimately justify objective moral values, like love and justice.

The sermon examined three views from atheism - meaninglessness, moral relativism, and secular rationalism - and then turned to the Christian message about God's love and justice. It is good news that God is just, since it means wrongdoing will not go unpunished, but, as sinners, our wrongdoing is included. An important aspect of the gospel is that, on the cross, God took into himself the judgment that belonged to us, forgiving and freeing us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with him and others.

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