There’s No Place Like Home

March 26, 2017

Bible Text: Jeremiah 29:1-14 |


This week we are studying the exile of the people of Israel. These are the questions we are asking: (1) What is home? (2) What might we feel in exile? and (3) How are we to live in exile? In this text we read how the people of Israel struggle to live in exile (in Babylon). What makes this even more challenging is knowing that God sent them into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon. There are people through out history and the world who live/have lived in exile (i.e. refugees) and we may ourselves experience exile as Christians, recognizing that heaven is our home. Yet God calls the people of Israel to create a sense of home in exile, in Babylon. They hope that their time in exile will be short but God calls them to prepare to live there for generations and to seek His peace among their enemies. In exile they will experience peace as they seek his peace. God promises to bring them out of exile. God is their/our home, now and post exile.

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