Three Ways to Live

November 5, 2017

Bible Text: Philippians 3:15-4:1 |


This passage warms us against two ways of living and calls us to one way to live: the gospel way. First, the passage warms us against living by the law (moralism). This means to attain our own sense of approval, worth and value by our performance and morality. Paul says that this actually leads to bondage and sin. Second, this passage warns us against the opposite way of living: hedonistically. This means that we think that all morality is relative and we can do whatever we want to do to make ourselves happy. The gospel is neither. The gospel tells us that we are sinful more than we know (against hedonist/relativists) and God loves us more than we can ever imagine (against moralists). It is when we dig deep into our sins and dig deep into our relationship with God in love that we find the right way to live. It is a life of humility as we live intimately in God’s love.

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