What is the Secret of the Kingdom?

October 14, 2012

Bible Text: Mark 4:1-25 |


We are kicking off a new series called the Parables of the Upside Down Kingdom. Parables are stories Jesus told us to describe what the Kingdom of God is like. Remember, coming of Jesus inaugurated a new kingdom, the kingdom of God. And Jesus taught us a lot of about this kingdom. It’s not just something that we experience when we die or when Jesus comes back. It is something that we are called to live out now.

It’s going to be a fun series because I think parables are fun, and they are always deeper and more interesting than it looks in the beginning.

We are going to be starting out with the first parable that Jesus told. The parable of the sower. It is a parable about parables. You’ll see what I mean.

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