Serve Teams

Click HERE to view the Serve Team Catalog.


What are Serve Teams?

Serve Teams are teams purposed to lead within the church versus teams that serve outside the church.

How are Serve Teams Different from Grow+Serve Groups?

Serve Teams focus mostly on serving together, usually on a Sunday morning or in the church office); but Grow+Serve Groups focus on learning, caring, growing, and praying together AND serving outside the church.

How Do I Find Out More about Serve Teams?

Find the team below in the group finder and read about the team.  If you want to know more, just email the Team leader in the Group Finder. For general questions, email our Administrative Assistant Kelly at

How Do I Get Involved in a Serve Team?

If you are interested in getting involved, sign up via the Attendance Card on Sunday or sign up online by clicking HERE.

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