Tracey Stringer grew up in the Midwest. She completed her BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from DePaul University. After the completion of her BA she moved to California to study at Fuller Theological Seminary where she earned a Master of Divinity. Tracey is a gifted teacher, preacher, pastor and coach who with 10+ years of experience working with individuals and organizations in transition.  She is a certified Personal Development Life Coach through LeaderBreakthru.

She is currently working to complete her DMin in Urban Studies at Fuller Seminary. Her doctoral project focus is identity and self-recovery for Black women as they navigate the dynamics of race, class and gender as leaders. She is the Director of Apprenticeships at Fuller Seminary where she works with students as they seek to discern their call during their field education experience.

Tracey enjoys reading John Grisham novels, watching NCIS, all things Marvel (Wonder Woman as well), game nights with family and friends, and dancing. She’s learning to garden, loves the ocean but not to big of a fan of sand, and binging a good Netflix series. Tracey resides in the San Gabriel Valley with her husband, two children, and Tiana (the 140ish lb dog).