While we still have a long way to go, we have made significant progress in becoming a diverse and inclusive gospel-centered church in downtown Los Angeles that loves the neighborhood.  God has built a unique and beautiful church here in downtown.  The question that the leadership has been asking is what God is calling us to do now?  After a year of prayer and communal discernment, we believe that the Holy Spirit has spoken.

The vision and mission statement of New City stays the same: To be an inclusive gospel-centered community of lovers of Jesus Christ who connects people to God, grows together, serves the city, and extends God’s kingdom.

However, we are adding the following five-year vision for New City:

Vision 2020: Deeper Roots, Broader Reach

  • Putting down deep roots in the downtown parish
  • Reaching Los Angeles by planting 3-5 parishes in the next five years.

Deeper Roots.  What does it mean to put down deep roots?

  • Spiritual formation and discipleship.  We are deepening our commitment to spiritual formation through mentoring relationships.
  •  Community engagement.  We are deepening our engagement of the community by creating a staff position of pastor of community engagement.
  • Culture of care.  We are deepening our effort to create a culture of care, especially through our Grow and Serve Groups.
  • Owning the church.  The modern problem with a lot of church attenders is that they go to church to consume what the church gives them for their personal growth and encouragement. We want to go from being consumers of the church to being the church.

Broader Reach: Plant 3-5 parishes in the next five years.

The first parish that we plan to plant outside of Downtown will be in lower San Fernando Valley, around the neighborhoods of Sherman Oaks, Encino, Lake Balboa and south Van Nuys.  We plan to publicly launch this parish in August, 2017.

Click HERE for FAQs regarding the parish incubation model and the first parish in lower San Fernando Valley.

If you have not heard the vision sermons, please click HERE.  They are very important.  We have video, audio, and manuscript of the sermons.