What to Expect on Sundays

 We are a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic Christian church especially for people who are not comfortable at church. We have created an environment where you can learn more about Christianity without being intellectually insulted, pressured or judged. We invite you to come and belong as you learn about the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Our Sunday worship gatherings are at 9am and 11am in Los Angeles Theatre Center, a beautiful multiplex live-stage theater in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Both services are identical.

When you come, you will be welcomed by our host team in the beautiful historic lobby of LATC.

You will be directed to Theater 1 for our worship service, which starts promptly at 9am or 11am.

miniNewCityKidz!, the nursery for pre-potty trained kids, is open 10 minutes before the start of both worship gatherings (8:50am and 10:50am).

Children (pre-school and up) join the adults for praise time; then, they go to their own age-specific program at NewCityKidz! (preschool to 5th grade) or our youth ministry (6th through 12th grade). These ministries are available only during our 11am service.

The worship starts with music.

We sing songs of praise to God to express our love for Him.  Here is a sample of our worship team.

We share communion (bread and cup) together every Sunday because the gospel of the cross is at the center of our faith.

Someone shares a story from his or her life or shares something that inspires us to go deeper.

Our pastor shares an engaging talk based upon the Bible and relevant to our lives. The talks are intellectually engaging and emotionally uplifting. They are designed for people who are exploring Christianity as well as people who have been in the faith for some time and last about 40 minutes.

The gathering is concluded with a closing song and a pastoral prayer.

We are done by 10:30am and 12:30pm, respectively.

There is a newcomers’ welcoming party that you are invited to immediately after the worship gathering which lasts for only about 10 minutes. You will meet Kevin and some of our leaders, hear the vision of the church, and receive a gift bag which contains a free book.

Everyone gathers for fellowship in the beautiful lobby. We have great gourmet fair-trade coffee, tea, cold drinks, and snacks.

See our photos to view our Sunday gathering.

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