About New City

We are an inclusive, come-as-you-are church in downtown LA.

New City Church of Los Angeles is a multi-ethnic, multi-socioeconomic Christian church in downtown LA. We are a diverse and inclusive community seeking to be like Jesus. We have roughly equal numbers of Blacks, Whites, Asians, and Latinos; about a third of us come from Skid Row, and the rest come from downtown lofts and outside of downtown; we are families, singles, and kids, Democrats and Republicans, gay and straight, poor and rich, moral and loose. At New City, we believe in not judging anyone because we know that we ourselves are more flawed and broken than we know—yet more loved and accepted by God through Jesus than we ever thought possible! So, come as you are.

We would love to have you join us this Sunday!

At the Heart of New City, We are Gospel-Centered.

This means our salvation, value, and identity come by grace (which means undeserved gift) by faith in Christ, and not by our own performance.  We live as children of God, unconditionally accepted and loved, and not as those who live in fear, trying to earn our way to God’s blessings. This is at the heart of who we are.

Are we a liberal or a conservative church?

We are neither a conservative church nor a liberal church. We really don’t feel that the gospel of Jesus fits into those categories. We believe that Christianity is not primarily about dos and don’ts, but about understanding that our flaws and darkness within us are bigger and darker than we think they are AND that God loves us and accepts us more than we can imagine, at the same time. So, this means we accept and love all people not because “you’re okay and I’m okay,” but because we are all messed up together. We believe that the dynamics of acknowledging both our brokenness on the one hand, and God’s unconditional love and acceptance on the other hand, compel us to be humble, accepting, and loving without being judgmental.

For a full story of New City, click HERE, a chapter Kevin wrote for the book, Starting Missional Churches: Life with God in the Neighborhood.

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