Premarital Counseling

Our pastors provide premarital counseling. This usually is a 3-4 session counseling. The goal is to prepare you for marriage driven by the gospel of Jesus Christ, not just for the wedding ceremony.  This is provided free of charge to those who are a part of New City. If you would like to set up premarital counseling, please email either Pastor Kevin Haah at or Pastor TC Moore at


Our pastors can officiate weddings. We do not commit to officiating your wedding until we have had an opportunity to meet with you and go over our wedding officiation policy. We provide officiation at no charge to those who are a part of New City.

Please note that we do not own the theater where we worship. We are merely renters on Sunday mornings; so we do not have authority to rent out the theater for weddings. If you would like to do so, please contact LATC directly.

Pre-baby counseling

We provide counseling for those who are expecting a child. Most of us get the hows of parenting either from our families or our culture. We have not critically examined the source of our parenting methodology. The purpose of the pre-baby counseling session is to help you focus on what the Scriptures say about parenting, critically examine several different approaches to parenting, and create a time for reflection and processing.

Prayer for your Newborn at the Hospital

If you would like to have one of our Pastors or Pastoral Care Leaders to come by and pray for your baby at the hospital, please email us at

Baby Dedication

We encourage all parents to dedicate their baby when they come back to church after giving birth.  Please contact Pastor TC Moore at to arrange a baby dedication.

Baby Lounge

We have a nursing/cry area in the inner foyer of the auditorium where we worship.  We encourage you to bring your baby with you and worship together. You are welcome to worship inside the auditorium with your baby; but if you prefer, you can use this nursing/cry area as well. Please do not worry about your children crying. It is a part of the blessing of being a family of God together!

miniNewCity Kidz (nursery)

We have caretakers who have been screened and qualified to care for your babies. You are free to drop off your baby with our caretakers at the nursery so that you can worship unhindered. They can care for any baby from birth to toddler. Our nursery is located in the Green Room, which is in the lower level of the theater. Just go down the stairs and follow the fish carpet. For more information, please click HERE.

miniNewCity Kidz (todders)

When your baby can toddle, he or she is ready for our toddlers’ ministry.  We have a great program for them with arts and crafts. This takes place during the 11am service in the Founders Room, which is in the lower level of the theater. For more information, please click HERE.

NewCity Kidz! (pre-school to 5th grade)

We have a vibrant children’s ministry led by an amazing children’s pastor. We have classes broken down specifically by age group. For more information, please click HERE.

Middle School Group (6th to 8th grade)

We have a great middle school group during our 11am worship service.  They join adults for the until after communion, when they are dismissed to the middle school group time.

High School Group (9th – 12th grade)

High school students worship with adults during the 11am worship service, then they meet in the Sync Counseling office at 1pm (just around the corner from LATC) for the high school small group.  Lunch is always provided.

Adults: Grow and Serve Groups

Grow and Serve Groups are the primary way in which we provide pastoral care and engage in discipleship.  We encourage everyone to participate in one of the Grow and Serve Groups.  This is not only where we grow together and serve the community, it is the place where we find a loving and caring community to do life with.  For more information, please click HERE.

Marital or Pastoral Counseling

There are two ways to get marital or pastoral counseling at New City.  One is by our pastors.  They are trained and willing to provide marital or pastoral counseling; however, they will not be able to provide extensive and continuing counseling.  We recommend our partner Sync Counseling Center located in the same building as the church office for more extensive counseling needs.  New City has partnered with Sync to provide professional counseling at sliding scale cost.  It is their goal to accommodate everyone who needs counseling without regard to their ability to pay.  For more information about Sync Counseling Center, click HERE.

Pastoral Care/Illness/Visitation

Our pastors and Pastoral Care Leaders provide pastoral care to the church.  If you are in need of pastor care for any reason, please contact Hannah Sims, our Director of Connection and Care, at


Our pastors provide funeral officiation services. We do not however provide mortuary services.  Our ministry is focused on caring for the families of the deceased. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor TC Moore at