Running with Horses


There was a plot to kill Jeremiah which was averted. Jeremiah asked God for vengeance against the perpetrators, and God said he would punish them but didn’t do it immediately. Jeremiah was not satisfied with that. He questioned God’s justice: why did the way of the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer? Why did the faithless live at ease?

God answered him: “If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?” God was saying that things would become more difficult. God answered Jeremiah’s assumption behind the question—that if he followed God, his life should be easy and comfortable. But, God was saying that he was not calling Jeremiah to an easy life. He was calling him to a life of participating in the suffering of God for the sake of the restoration of God’s people.  Like Jeremiah, we are not called to live a life of mediocrity in comfort and ease, but a life of taking up the cross and following Jesus. This is the great life of running with horses.

How do we practically run with horses? (1) See the heart of God; (2) follow God no matter what; (3) tie yourself inextricably with those who suffer; and (4) trust God.


Jeremiah was a prophet to God’s people during Israel’s greatest crisis. What God said through him is very relevant to the church now as we face crisis in in our lives, church, and country.
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